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With a little bit of time and a lot of patience, great things can happen.

We understand how difficult taking on a new puppy can be. We don't only train the puppies but are here to offer ongoing advice, guidance, and support to you once you have your puppy home.
We feel our reviews speak for themselves

Picked up our trained puppy Pickles from Andy. He came to us house and crate trained. Re calling and sitting. We have texted Andy a few times for tips and advice and he is literally brilliant and happily helped us with our question. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a trained puppy!

Stacey Critchley - Pickle's owner

Andy picked us a fantastic cockapoo, Luna. He is a dog whisperer. Four weeks later she came to us toilet and crate trained, recalling and following commands. By far the best way to get a new puppy.     Highly recommended Puppy Steps

Susan Adeboyeku - Luna's owner

We would highly recommend Andrew and Puppy Steps we had our new puppy Margot from him and the whole experience has been fantastic. Andrew has a deep knowledge and experience of dogs and a genuine passion for them which gave us loads of confidence. Would highly recommend!

John Muphy - Margot's owner


Janet Powell

1 review

                         3 months ago

My wife was desperate for a puppy, and I said “no way”, because of the house training and it crying at night etc. We’ll get someone to train it for us she said. Oh yeah, I bet that will be expensive. I thought, that will be a waste of time, when you go to pick up the “trained” puppy, how can you tell they’ve trained it properly, like they said they would. I was picturing the pick up day, oh, he normally does that every time I tell him, he must be excited because you are here, oh, he’s just having an off day. Then, when you get the puppy home, it’s just like getting an untrained puppy from someone.
Well, how wrong was I, best thing we’ve ever done when getting a new puppy. Alfie never cried “at all” from the time we got him home. Sleeps in his own crate downstairs, which he also goes into twice a day on his own, which is his routine. No accidents in the home, Alfie rings the bell hanging on the door to go out to toilet. Walks on a lead without pulling, toilets almost on command every time. We’ve said to each other he’s the best puppy we’ve ever had, but it’s probably almost completely down to the initial training of Tom and Laura. We can’t recommend them enough. If you have the money to do it, do it. It means you can start loving your puppy from day one without all the irritation and frustration of trying to habilitate a new puppy into your home.
Janet and Brian owners of Alfie

Debbie Hardcastle

2 reviews

                          a year ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

When we made the decision as a family to get a dog we knew we needed help as it was our first time, we carried out a lot of research into breeds and breeders and Puppy Steps was repeatedly given many recommendations as a service to find our new family addition from a trusted source which is vital in this day with so many horrific puppy farms & scams out there. I am so pleased we used Puppy Steps to help us, Andy was helpful and knowledgeable every step of the way. He provided advice so that we were 100% sure that our chosen breed was right for our family and the training & socialisation he gave to our puppy made our first puppy raising experience very smooth and we took home a very happy & settled dog who has absolutely thrived. We definitely recommend this service, particularly if you are new to puppies.

Romulo Godinho

5 reviews

                         a year ago

We highly recommend Puppy Steps!
After a long process trying to find a trained dog due to lack of time and lifestyle, I was nearly giving up, until I’ve decided to do a final search.

I then contacted Puppy Steps. It was the easiest and most straight forward experience ever, baring in mind how many other places I’ve tried before with no success at all.
Andy was so clear, genuine and honest presenting the way they work, as well as giving plenty of reassurance that they would make the whole experience a pleasure all the way through. How right he was!!!
In a short time I was contacted by the trainer Tom, who is an absolute pleasure to deal with. He then worked out the ‘plan of action’. Tom then changed our lives for the better!!! He found us the most beautiful cocker spaniel we could ever wish for. He trained her so well, kept us updated with every single step of the process too. It’s just a delightful experience to see how well Tom and his whole family gets involved in the training and how amazing my little dog came to be.
I’m not one to write reviews but my level of satisfaction with puppy steps team is so high that would be a shame not to share my honest opinion. Getting a dog is such a big thing and sometimes stressful but in my opinion, Puppy Steps is the best way to do it. The only way in my case!!!

Bridget Wheeler

6 reviews

                          a year ago

Positive: Professionalism

Tom and Laura trained Lily and at 12 weeks she is pretty much house trained, has a recall and ( very impressive for a greedy pup) will wait until given permission to eat! She’s a lovely outgoing pretty laid back but occasionally bonkers little girl who has fitted right in. She even rings a bell to be let out! Finding her was a joint effort- I spotted the ad Tom checked it out. A good combination as he kept a cool head whereas I would have bought the first dog I saw... it’s a good service, you get a puppy still brand new and ready to learn but with a couple of weeks of finishing school under her belt so the heavy lifting on manners has already been done.

Virginia Port

2 reviews

                          a year ago

Positive: Professionalism, Reliability, Responsiveness

As I have never owned a dog, had no experience and am a senior but still fairly fit I thought it a good idea to get a companion but one who was already basically trained. Puppy Steps certainly were the answer. They were extremely helpful and very careful to choose the right puppy for me. Andy sent me weekly videos and photos of her growth and training. Amber is 5 months now and her training at Puppy Steps has stood her in good stead for further teaching and Andy is always ready to give further help if needed.

Fraser Menzies

1 review

                          a year ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Absolutely the best decision I made choosing Puppy Steps to find me a dog!! Great service from Andy from start to finish. I got my lovely Hungarian Vizsla Izzy back in March 2018, she was well socialised, well behaved, not in slightest food aggressive and really clean in the house, thanks Andy! We were looking for a puppy but just felt we didn't have the time to dedicate to the very early stages of her life and were lucky to find Andy's Puppy Steps. Andy was always on the other end of the phone to offer any training tips once we got Izzy home. This is a great service that I would highly recommend.