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Here at Puppy Steps we understand the importance of having an obedient, well mannered and happy dog. We also know how difficult it can be to achieve these goals with the time constraints of daily life. Family, work and even lack of know how are some of the biggest reasons that puppies and their new owners aren't as happy or relaxed as they could be. That is why at Puppy Steps we use our expertise and knowledge to free up your time and make owning a puppy as stress free as possible.

      We offer a range of services from one to one puppy training sessions, right through to finding and training a puppy ready for their new family. All of our puppies live in the family home with our 3 dogs and 2 children learning valuable socialisation skills at this key time in their development. With our exclusive in house training we only have a few puppies at each branch to ensure we can give maximum time and attention to each puppy and achieve the standards we strive for. We currently have branches located in Sheffield and Manchester.

    During their stay with us we crate train and house train the puppies. We also teach manners and basic obedience of sit, down, recall and lead walking. The end result being a well balanced and happy dog that can be enjoyed by you from the very beginning.

trained puppies should receive early socialisation with children from a professional dog trainer

Andy picked us a fantastic cockapoo, Luna. He is a dog whisperer. Four weeks later she came to us toilet and crate trained, recalling and following commands. By far the best way to get a new puppy. Highly recommended.

Susan Adeboyeku, Luna's owner


 Kiveton Park


 South Yorkshire,

    S26 5PL



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