At Puppy Steps we only train a few puppies per month at each branch. This exclusive service allows us to give maximum time and attention to the puppies we have to ensure we achieve the standards we strive for.

 If you have a particular breed in mind why not enquire about our puppy finding and training service where we find and train a puppy tailored to meet your requirements.

Puppy Steps Dog Food
Working with numerous puppies we have tried and tested many different foods. The biggest challenge we found was finding a food which was high quality, easy to change to and which the dogs enjoy.
Having worked with vets, nutritionists and a leading UK manufacturer we have developed Puppy Steps Dog Food which is all of our puppies are fed and is now available from our website
November puppies coming soon
Contact us to discuss your requirements and see how we can help find your perfect puppy.
Puppy Finding Service Available
If you are looking for a trained puppy why not get in touch to find out how we can help.
Popcorn - RESERVED
Popcorn was found as part of our puppy finding service. She is an F1b cockapoo
SOLD - October
Bruce is our KC registered beagle. He is a real character and loves his food, which makes training that little bit easier as he'll do anything for a treat.
Bessie is our F1b cockapoo. This tiny little bundle of fluff is extremely loving and has a great character and temperament
SOLD - September
Betty is our home bred toy sproodle. She is extremely loving and playful with a low shedding thick curly coat.
SOLD - September
Murphy is an F1 cockapoo with an unbelievably laid back personality
SOLD - August
Sophie is our beautiful KC registered Golden retriever. She is from excellent bloodlines with good hip scores on both sides and eyes clear on both sides. She has a fantastic temperament, is laid back, loving but also loves to play.
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Popcorn - RESERVED

Popcorn was found as part of our puppy finding service. She is an F1b cockapoo